"StudioSpatial is a cutting edge spatial company which can provide

Spatial Artwork, Graphic Design, GIS and Remote Sensing solutions"

About StudioSpatial

Focusing primarily on customisable Satellite Imagery Artworks, StudioSpatial produces distinctly unique pieces of Art from Satellite Imagery captured around the Earth from out of space.

As a customer, you can pick the area of the Earth you want to display within your Artwork, the colours to match your room interior, the size and the printing medium so we can design a personalised Artwork that will make any home or office look fantastic.

With over 15 years experience in the fields of Graphic Design, GIS and Remote Sensing, StudioSpatial also provides a range of Other Spatial and Design Services.

StudioSpatial is run by Chris Maddox who works in the spatial industry in Australia. Chris has a BA (hons) in Design and Art Direction from Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK, a BSc (hons) in Physical and Environmental Geography from Staffordshire University in the UK, and a Masters in Geographic Information Science from the University of Queensland in Australia. All of these degrees have contributed to the development of Chris's spatially based services that he provides.



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