StudioSpatial is run by Chris Maddox who works in the spatial industry. Chris has a BA honours degree in Design and Art Direction from Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK, a BSc honours degree in Physical and Environmental Geography from Staffordshire University in the UK, and a Masters in Geographic Information Science from the University of Queensland in Australia. All of these degrees have contributed to the development of Chris's spatially based design work.

Contact Chris via the Contact page and provide details of the geographic location you want Chris to get satellite imagery over, the dimensions of the artwork you want for your wall and also the colours you want the artwork to match to the rest of your office/home and Chris will design you a personal piece of GeoArt.

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As you can tell as you browse through Our Galleries, the coverage of our GeoArt over the Earth is varied and encompasses a wide range of climates and interesting landforms over most of the continents.

If your area of interest is not yet covered then Contact us and let us know of the nearest place name, the state and country of where you want your GeoArt to cover.

Our Landsat GeoArt coverage by continent so far

Oceania - 33

Asia - 35

Europe and the Middle East - 40

Africa - 24

The Americas - 39

As you can see to the right in this Landsat scene over Uluru, Australia, the level of detail on the screenshots within our galleries is restricted when viewing in a web browser.

If you have any queries about the level of detail in a specific piece of GeoArt then just contact us via the Contact page for further information.

The Landsat satellite imagery archive, from which the GeoArt designs on this page have been developed, has been updated since the launch of the first earth observing satellite called Landsat-1 back in 1972. Since then, a further seven satellites within the Landsat program have been launched, with spectral resolutions ranging from 80m down to 15m as technology has progressed. With a repeat capture delivery of every 16 days, these sensors can capture large areas of the earth's surface and the information contained within in the spectral bandwidths can be scientifically assessed to extract information such as mineral compositions, or used for environmental monitoring.......StudioSpatial now extends the use of this data into GeoArt.

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